Our Homework

Our Homework

Information about Homework:

Children should be reading at least ten minutes a night. Those children still on the colour wheel will be bringing books home each night to read. Those children who have past the colour wheel (Level 23/24) are allowed to read what they would like to read. Reading should be seen as an enjoyable experience and one children should look forward to. If your child is having an "off day" maybe you could try reading to your child, read a page each, or set a timer to see how much they can read in ten minutes. Children need to have a break too, and weekends are a good time to rest their brains and be ready for the next week at school. 

We go to the library once a week to get out library books. Your child can return them at any point during the week and check out new books at morning tea or lunch times. Returned books go through the 'Return's Slot' in the school library. Encourage your child to not only use the class library slow, but also spend five or ten minutes during the week in their break times to change their books. 

At the back of each child's homework book is a knowledge sheet based on the stage that they are working on in class. These stages are made up of knowledge (what they need to know) and strategy (how to work it out). The sheets in the back of the homework book give lots of examples on what your child need to learn. Some children will whizz through these, while others will need more practice.  Children at this level should know their basic facts and doubles. Children are learning their times tables and with help from home they will progress nicely. 

Children can practice their math skills through the math link on our class page. These games are a fun and interactive way for your child to practice some of the skills that they are learning. 

In the school library we also have math games that your child can check out during the week. These games are in different coloured book bags, which are coded to math levels. Encourage your child to make use of this resource that the school has to offer!
Yellow - Stage 6
Blue - Stage 5
Red - Stage 4

The spelling program is made up of seven essential lists. Children are tested at the beginning of the year to determine which level they need to start learning. These lists are found in your children's homework book, and also on our class page under the 'Spelling' link. Children are tested on five words from the list, and if they get all of those five words correct they move up to the next level. Children at this level should know lists 1-4.

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