Digi Awards

Here are some of our Y3 Selfies that we entered into the school Digi Awards. Three of these Selfies were sent into the Regional Competition.  

Neve: Ghosts in the Shadows (Gone through to Regionals)

Mac - Mac and Cheese Dinner

Sophie - Spring Time

Flynn - Superheros 

Tavvy - Twins, Best Brothers

Madison - BFFs

Emily - Shadow Ballerina  (Gone through to Regionals)

Emily - Mirror Magic (Gone through to Regionals)

Aiden - Rolling in the grass

Aiden - Best Friends

Bethany - Having Fun

Here are our Year 4 entries. One of these Selfies was sent into the Regional Competition.  

Abby - Rainy Day

Aidan - In the mirror

Aidan - Sup

Chelsi - My Favourite Chicken

Olivia - Going to the Movies

Jordan - Mum doesn't like it when I'm angry!

Olivia - Photo Bomb

Liam - This is the Life!

Abby - Brother and Sister

Billy - Ninja Turtle! 

Olivia - Rainy Day

Liam - This is the Life! (Gone through to Regionals)

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